Lent – Day 9

The Monastery of Christ in the Desert, New Mexico

Benedict’s Rule 4.20 is such practical guidance for me.  My translation of this passage of the Rule reads:  “Your way of acting should be different from the world’s way.”  The Roman’s passage is echoes – “Do not be conformed to this world”  Our decisions should stand out as different to those around us.

This cactus at right, adjacent to the statue of Benedict, has grown in the form of a cross.  This is certainly different from how a cactus would typically grow.  It’s a visible reminder for me of the possibilities if my love for Christ comes before all else.We may be criticized as a family when we make decisions that are not what the world would typically choose such as foster-adopting or even not upgrading to a larger home just because we can. However, keeping Christ central allows peace even when the world judges.

About WalkingwithBenedict

I love how scripture comes alive with messages for our lives today. In praying with scripture, we are called into deeper relationship with God and others. We are called to the growth in love, hospitality, peace, humility, stewardship and hope. St Benedict's Rule provides a lens for how scripture can be lived in our lives today whether we live inside or outside a monastery.
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