Lent – Day 32/33 – Paradoxes

(Scripture Ps 73:21-26 andPs 22:1-10/Rule of Benedict 7:49-54)

Several great paradoxes confront me in these passages: Be humble,and you shall be exalted;Be weak, and see the strength of God; consider yourself lowly, and experience God raising you up as holy and beloved.  Said another way in  the scrutiny language of Lent:  thirst so that you may desire living water; be blind so that you may truly see; die so that you may live.  Lent is a time to pay particular attention to paradoxes.  In all of these it seems to me our stance is vital.  When we rid ourselves of arrogance, pride and our personal expectations, we open ourselves to God and to things we could never imagine – to the ends of the stories…. it’s a great invitation even if it is scary.

About WalkingwithBenedict

I love how scripture comes alive with messages for our lives today. In praying with scripture, we are called into deeper relationship with God and others. We are called to the growth in love, hospitality, peace, humility, stewardship and hope. St Benedict's Rule provides a lens for how scripture can be lived in our lives today whether we live inside or outside a monastery.
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3 Responses to Lent – Day 32/33 – Paradoxes

  1. Peggy M. says:

    As I read your post, what comes up for me is a memory of wanting to buy a present for a relative, a child. I was just becoming aquainted and I asked his mother if he would like this or that and for each of my suggestions, I was told “he has that already” or “he has three of those already”. I left them feeling very sad. I still carry the residual emotion of it all these years later. I’m not quite sure what the paradox is, but I will ponder this as I think of the many times I have declined a gift from God because of my supposed self sufficiency.


  2. G. Murphy says:

    Interesting memory in connection with paradoxes, and I would guess important since it remains with you. The question that comes up for me is: How is our ability to receive hindered by our sense of sefl-sufficieny? and a follow-on – If we have everything we need and more, do we perceive a need for God?


  3. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was looking for!


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